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Molly Weasley

Come sit at the table, tuck in!

30 October
Molly Weasley

Molly Weasley

Ancestry - Pure-blood
Maiden Name - Prewett
Husband - Arthur Weasley
Children - Seven: Bill, Charlie (RIP), Percy, Fred, George, Ronald and Ginny.
My other Children - Harry Potter, Hermione Granger and Fleur DelaCoeur
Grandchildren - None yet, Bill and Fleur have not been considerate enough to give me one.
Wand - 8" Reed: Phoenix Feather core
Height - 5'2" (1,58m)
Weight - 170 (77 Kg)
Hair - Red
Eyes - Brown
Hand - Right
Age - 52
Distinguishing Marks - Short, plump and kind-faced. At home I wear my lovely flowered apron with my wand sticking out of one pocket, one must always be ready.
Other Devices - My faithful clock with hands representing all the Weasley Family members, new hands have been added for Harry, Hermione and Fleur.
Nicknames - Mollywobbles (only my dear Arthur is allowed to call me that, and ONLY in very special and private moments. So, don't let me catch you trying to use it!)