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Molly Weasley
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16th-May-2006 12:53 am - Time has ran out...
I’m a grandmother.

A month ago my children got together and came for dinner at a time when my family had just gone through a very rough patch. That night my children, four of them, told me I was going to be a grandmother in a few month’s time. I couldn’t have been happier.

Then a few weeks ago I got an owl that changed all that, I was going to be a grandmother anytime now. Yesterday I got the owl that made me a grandmother.

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9th-May-2006 10:09 pm - Unexpected Surprises
"Molly stop! You are overcooking that roast!"

Eric's voice reached me just as I flicked my wand one more time and realise I have ruined yet another roast this afternoon. Three in one day, this is really not good.

"What in the name of Merlin is happening, Molly? You've been like this since last week. Is nothing to do with the girls I hope, they and the babies are all okay?"

"Oh yes, everyone is just fine. I'm just a bit distracted, tired perhaps"

Eric eyed me suspiciously and nods. "Right, why don't you go and rest for a while and I'll finish up here."

I let out a sigh and walk out of the kitchen, Eric is right, in my present estate of mind I am of no use to him. Thank Merlin I picked him! As I walk through the dinning room and out of Bewitched I can't help but remember the visit I received last Friday.

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28th-Feb-2006 11:00 pm - My world is over
A black Ministry owl entered my kitchen window tonight.

We are supposed to be enjoying happiness and peace, but all we get is death. What have we done wrong? Why is this happening to my family?

Death is everywhere.

The second war took my Charlie, and now escaped Death Eaters have taken my baby boy.


Ron…oh Ron…

Not again!

I want my children back!

I don’t want a letter written by my son that says he's dead! I do not want a letter that tells me he loves me, and that he will see Charlie again, so don't be sad, Mum.

I want my son to tell me he loves me. I want him to grumble the words as he always does. I want him to hug me tight while he pretends he doesn’t like it.

I don’t want anyone telling me they understand my pain because they do not, they never will.

I do not want words of comfort, calming draughts or sleeping potions.

I want my baby back!

This must be a lie! There must be some mistake! This cannot be happening! Again...

The room is closing in on me. I can’t see anything; my eyes are flooded, and my heart is bleeding. I can’t hear Arthur anymore; my voice is drowning his words. I can’t be strong anymore; I do not want to be strong.

My world is over…
6th-Feb-2006 09:27 pm - Dinner for Two
Bewitched is closed to the public tonight. It has been reserved for a private celebration by a very special couple.

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30th-Jan-2006 10:12 pm - Tabloid Lies
My morning did not start well today. As I reached the kitchen, the delivery owl with the Daily Prophet was waiting for me. I do not know why we keep getting that tabloid.

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22nd-Jan-2006 10:49 pm - Bewitched! Opening Night
It is finally here. The day I have been waiting for since this whole adventure started. Bewitched opens today!

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19th-Jan-2006 11:09 pm - Preparing Bewitched! Part II
This week has been quite busy. Between interviews and shopping for Bewitched and then my family's last minute news, I've barely had a minute to myself.

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12th-Jan-2006 10:31 pm - Preparing Bewitched! - Part I
In about a week's time I will see one of my biggest projects come to life.

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3rd-Jan-2006 07:19 pm - New Year Rituals
Today is a special day for me. Since I was a little girl I have been doing the same ritual on the 3rd day of the year. It is ancient magic that my Grandmother taught me, she in turn learned it from her Druid ancestors; to this day it has never failed me.

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Christmas at the Burrow this year was full of surprises. Christmas eve was perfect! I started the day before dawn, but it was all worth it. All my children came over for dinner, and we had a full house, just as I like it.

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